New HomeFinding the right home for each dog takes time.

Mollie’s Journey

Reading Mollie’s story  below means so much to us in our small charity.
When we were first contacted about Mollie, her background and character description was alarming. I fostered Mollie for a few days and she was  anxious, withdrawn and not at all comfortable with our dogs. Vanessa and her family, who did not have a dog, were really easy to work with and they took in Mollie and gave her time to grow into the normal dog that was hidden under all that anxiety.

Dogs will adapt and blend with the environment that they find themselves in. 
Thank goodness Mollie has found such a “good fit”.

I love the picture of Mollie with Dachshund Eric, that defines just how far she has come.
Thank you Vanessa and family and well done Mollie. from Rachel and our team.


On the 29th August 2019, after much discussion with Rachel we took receipt of Mollie to foster.

Mollie was extremely anxious, any loud noises and she cowered under the dining room table. She was very needy, timid, and panicked over everything! She didn’t know how to play, retrieve or do anything fun. After about three days she started to settle with us, her character started to slowly change which was fantastic to watch - to cut a story short we absolutely could not have sent her away and we adopted her.

Gradually, Mollie started to come out of her shell. She loves the house, particularly the garden where she enjoys laying watching the wildlife (occasionally chasing the odd bird!). Mollie is the laziest retriever that has ever existed. If you get her lead she runs off and hides – she has on occasions been bodily carried downstairs to have her lead put on. Once she is out, she loves it.

Over Christmas we took her to Mote Park with my friends Dachshund Eric. This was the first time we let her off the lead, and to be honest I was terrified! However, all went well, and we have not looked back.

Mollie has had so much to take in living with us and has totally blown me away with the way she has adapted to our lifestyle. She loves being with our horses, running around the yard, mixing with the other dogs, and interacting with people. She has overcome so many hurdles and fears to become the funny, goofy, loving dog we now have.