New HomeFinding the right home for each dog takes time.

Adoption Information

We do not have a sanctuary or kennels, therefore all our Rescue Co-ordinators, who work on a voluntary basis, operate from their own homes.  Where possible dogs are transferred direct from their present home to their new home, which causes them the least amount of stress.

When you apply to adopt a Golden Retriever you will be asked a lot of questions.  This is so we have as much information as possible, in order that we can allocate you the most suitable dog.  It is not a “first come first served” system and you may have to wait a considerable time before the right dog becomes available.  We will also carry out a home visit.
Rescue dogs frequently carry some “baggage” with them.  They may have developed some bad habits or have had unfortunate experiences.  Quite apart from wondering what has happened to them they will be encountering many new sights, new smells, new commands, a new family.  Some of them will have had bad experiences in the past, some may have lost much loved owners.  Fortunately Golden Retrievers usually settle very quickly in their new environment, as all they really want is love and attention, good food and a reasonable amount of exercise.  Many may also need to be taken to a good training class.

Sometimes our dogs have conditions requiring veterinary attention at the time of adoption, or may be in the later years of their lives.  Advice about this will be given at the time.

Once you have adopted a Golden Retriever our Co-ordinators are always on hand to give help when requested, particularly in the first few days.  We expect to keep in touch with you for the rest of the dog’s life, a promise we make to the original owner of the re-home dog.

If you would like to adopt a dog please contact the Co-ordinator nearest to you on our Contact Us page.