HelpingGolden Retrievers find new homes and giving advice to new owners.

How we can help

The Charity has a number of volunteers who are always willing to give advice about adopting or buying a Golden Retriever.

If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of a dog's care please feel free to contact us.

When rehoming a Golden Retriever into a new home our primary concern is always the well being of the dog. All our homes are carefully checked before we place a dog. We continue to ensure the dog's wellbeing for the remainder of its life.

The Charity seeks to find out as much as possible about a dog's history and background including its health and general behaviour. It then seeks to match that questionnaire with a prospective new owner who may have been waiting several months for a dog. A careful home check is undertaken at that stage and not before. We have an absolute rule that all new homes must have a  completely secure garden.

New homes are introduced to the dog prior to adoption; this needs to be a really "good fit" not a forced arrangement.

If you are considering adopting a Golden Retriever or have one to rehome, we urge you to have confidence in our care and dedication to each individual set of circumstances.