HelpingGolden Retrievers find new homes and giving advice to new owners.

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COVID 19-updateSaturday, 4th July 2020

The Trustees of Southern Golden Retriever Rescue are taking the threat posed by COVID 19 extremely seriously. We have special procedures to enable our volunteers to respond safely to anyone who needs help finding a new home for their Golden ...


Coronavirus UpdateTuesday, 17th March 2020

Whilst this dreadful virus is no direct threat to the dogs, to safeguard our volunteers we may need to scale back the help that we offer.


Bloat AwarenessSaturday, 8th February 2020

Bloat Awareness, canine bloat can kill your dog if action isn't taken immediately and so many ordinary dog owners are unaware of this condition. Please take a minute to memorise the symptoms of the attached poster in case your dog ever suffers ...


New Disease called Alabama RotWednesday, 16th October 2019

The symptoms are:  wounds or lesions on limbs and faces which don't heal, signs of depression, loss of appetite and vomiting, quickly followed by acute kidney damage.  Early veterinary intervention is vital to relieve suffering and ...


Fun Day 2019 and Rolling Raffle!Friday, 19th July 2019

The 2019 Fun Day & reunion was a great success. The team from Sothern Golden Retriever Society Are extremely well organised and the day ran very smoothly. We know that Horton Kirby is at the very north of our area but the space that it provides is exceptional for all the events the club runs.