New HomeFinding the right home for each dog takes time.

Georgie & Rosie

(Age 9 when adopted)

We tell how Southern Golden Retriever Rescue pay all the medical costs for dogs which come to us needing veterinary attention whilst supporting new adopting families ....

Sad update - November 2020
Sadly Rosie lost her  battle with her tumours  and  David and Caroline had to let her be put to sleep.   We all tried very hard to help Rosie enjoy a few more years but that was not to be.  Georgie is coping well with the extra cuddles and we in our small charity thank David and Caroline  for all their care.

Rosie and Georgie’s family contacted us the end of last year asking us to help with rehoming the girls, both aged 9, after unfortunate changes in their family circumstances. This is where David and Caroline stepped in just 3 days before their planned family Christmas festivities, what a Christmas present these girls were! Both are lovely dogs and very friendly but they were not used to a lead at all, running freely in fields for the past 9 years. David and Caroline got to grips (literally) with walking the girls and started their diet and exercise regime. Georgie was keen but Rosie protested.

Neither dogs were spayed and both came into their seasons soon after arriving. Rosie had a large mammary tumour which we were very keen to have removed and she moved very uncomfortably behind.

Covid 19 arrived and disrupted all the veterinary treatment plans.

Now at last we have managed to have Rosie’s tumour successfully removed and her hips x-rayed and Georgie is booked to be spayed next week.

Together the dogs have lost 15 kilos which is the absolutely the best treatment. Rosie is happily running around more, in between her comical sit down protests on her daily walks!
Here are some lovely photos of the girls. David wished that Rosie could have had a tummy tuck from the vet along with her surgery. He feels that she is wearing an outfit which is 10 sizes too big!

We are very appreciative of all the special care and help that David and Caroline have given the girls who quickly became much loved family members.

This is not a direct appeal for donations in these very difficult times. We just feel that you may want to know how our small charity provides practical financial support for our special dogs using funds raised from a huge range of past donors and activities.

Our sincere thanks go to all our supporters and a big “thank you” to Cedar Veterinary Group who provided the essential treatment.