New HomeFinding the right home for each dog takes time.


***** UPDATE - 23rd March, 2021 *****

Our thanks to all who have contacted us. We are not seeking any more offers of help for Ruby. However, if you are really able to help dogs with complex behaviours please contact us to help other dogs in the future.

Golden Retriever

Spayed bitch aged 5 - Ruby - Foster home or adoption home required -

Separation Anxiety - we need a couple/family who have a really good understanding of how to help a dog with this behaviour. Ruby will take  a long time to support. We will provide professional coaching by ‘phone, internet and face to face when Covid restrictions allow and help with all reasonable fostering costs.

Ruby is not  a good fit for children aged under  12 and is not easy with other dogs.

There is a great deal more to discuss about Ruby.  She is presently in Hampshire but we can relocate her a sensible distance.

If you are a calm household and willing to help a complex character please call

Rachel on 01474 815 486. No later than 9.00pm please.

or email